• Jade Evans

Michelle Ward Drops Debut Single Dolly Daydreaming

'Nothing kills romance

Like a touch

Of reality'

These words sum up the message behind emerging talent Michelle Ward's debut single release - out now. Appearing as lyrics within her enticing track 'Dolly Daydreaming', this is a song which is a brilliant fusion of upbeat groove and words of wisdom slurred in a sultry singing voice. The track itself is a mix of romance and reality and 100% worth checking out!

Michelle Ward is an Essex-based singer, songwriter and radio presenter. She has enjoyed a career behind the scenes in the music industry, but has always sung. Michelle started recording a few years ago with her own original material. She was gifted her best mate's keyboard and has used that for most of her songs along with the guitar. She writes music which is a mix of pop, soul, jazz and reggae and has a mishmash of influences. She pours real emotion into her songs, and music is a sort of therapy.

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