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North-East Rock Artist Conrad Ashton Releases Latest Single 'Time'

Conrad Ashton shares modern rock music that is firmly rooted in the classic pop sound. Conrad has a no-nonsense approach to music making and performance - he is simply himself. A constant student of music, Conrad keeps a steady focus on designing eloquent lyrics that remain humble and relatable for every song he writes. We chat to Conrad about his influences and his upcoming single 'Time' out on May 22nd.

When did you first write a song and what was it about?

I was about 12 and it was at my pal Jamie’s house. We were the only two kids in our year at school who played guitar or were in anyway musical at the time. He started playing a year or two before me and was already writing, so that helped encourage me. Basically, we wrote something together though I can’t remember exactly what it was we wrote about. Given that we're both big Beatles fans though, I think it would have been a lass we wrote about probs haha!

How would you describe your sound?

Honest. It’s me - that sound you get is what’s inside of me. There’s no disguises, nowt. I am the same on a record, stage and in person. No gimmicks or personas. I am that I am that I am so to speak.

Which artists are you most inspired by and why?

The Who for sure, with them all playing lead instruments essentially. Oh, and Elvis for sure - the man has everything (voice, stage presence, just an aura) and that's only something you can ever hope to achieve 1% of. Currently an artist I have a lot of admiration for is Trunky Juno, who has been prolifically releasing material. His music is just stunning in my opinion - such good stuff in there. On top of that he is a canny lad and always good for a bit of advice or feedback.

Tell us about the inspiration behind your single ‘Time’?

It basically happened in about 10 minutes and began with 'And run don’t turn around for your dreams may surely drown’ - that just came to me and I was like right, we’re off lets go! It's got some lines from a song called ‘Sad Inside’ which will never be released. Its lyrical content is brutal - I was in a massively dark place but there were some decent lines in it I thought were too good to waste so it became morphed into ‘Time’. It is essentially about not wasting your life and going after your dreams. I have seen a lot of wasted talent already and it is about that too.

Which are your favourite music venues in the North-East?

I have played a good few and they all have their quality and charm. It's always nice to be at home or close to it. But top of the list is Think Tank? the professionalism throughout from SSD concerts was brilliant and I am looking forward to playing for them again post lockdown.

Conrad Ashton's next single 'Time' will be released on all major digital platforms this Friday May 22nd 2020.

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