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Meet James Millier: Singer-Songwriter Sensation

Following the release of his uplifting and inspiring new single, ‘Discover New

Memories Together’, James Millier is back to delve into all things songwriting and

disclose some exciting plans he has in store for the future.

So, it's safe to say lockdown has had a variety of influences on musicians. How has it impacted you?

On a personal level, it had a big impact on myself and my family because I had a

family member in the high-risk category for Covid-19. So we’ve had to be very

cautious until the vaccine does come through. From a songwriting perspective, it has

opened up my mind on what I can speak about through my music.

Given the current situation, ’Discover New Memories Together’ seems like it

couldn’t be more poignant! Were there any particular experiences that inspired the making of the track, both musically and lyrically?

Originally, it was going to have a stripped back vibe with a piano, a few strings and

my vocals. However, it then evolved into an electro-pop ballad song which gave out

a dream-like quality sound. The lyrics were inspired on a personal level as it was

about a certain person in my life who I couldn’t connect with unless it was through

the virtual world. When I wrote the song, I was in a lockdown bubble so at that time I

was evoking my own emotions of the lockdown period.

You mentioned a few months back that you had plans to release an EP this year,

can you give us an insight into what we can expect?

Well, it’s definitely going to be an early 2021 release for the EP because the Covid-

19 situation pushed it back a few months. I can say that it is certainly going to be

different from my recent music because I will be going down the route of Country

music. I will be collaborating with extremely talented American songwriters and

music artists, however, I will also be sticking to British roots and working with a

number of brilliant producers from the UK. One thing I can let you into is the story of

the EP. It’s about redemption, hope, strength and faith in tough times!

Your lockdown bedroom gigs clearly inspired you to support other artists during

this time. How would you describe performing to a ‘virtual audience’ as opposed to the live gigs you had previously envisioned for 2020?

I have to confess, I really adored doing the live streams with other music artists and

championing their music because I know the music industry is very tough for artists.

So, showing them support and helping them to get the recognition they deserve is

something I thrive off because I believe we should work together on a united front.

I’ve heard that you have plans to open a Songwriting Camp soon…tell us more!

It is more like a songwriting retreat which is currently in its early stages of

development, but it will be happening in 2021. We have a professional and talented

team of producers and songwriters who have already agreed to take part in this

exciting experience. I can also confirm that participants will have accommodation

and the main meals will be included in the price. So for now — watch this space for

further news!

Any advice for any aspiring songwriters out there at the moment?

Never be afraid to reach out to people in the music industry who you feel could help

you achieve your musical dreams. From a personal view, I think it’s better to have an

answer instead of always wondering “what if?” And finally, when it comes to sharing

your music, try to think of as many innovative and creative ways to get your music


Check out 'Discover New Memories Together' on Spotify HERE

Keep up to date with James Millier on Facebook HERE

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