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Meet Electro-Pop Sensation: Lullaby

Lullaby is the up and coming electro-pop sensation set to refresh our airwaves with wistful vocals and spaced-out synths this summer. With a developing repertoire on Soundcloud, Lullaby is gaining momentum as a hot one to watch this year as their intricate mix of synth lines and vocal melodies accumulate in effortlessly cool tracks. The Southern-Italian singer-songwriter is set to release their debut single on Spotify this August. With self-professed "dreamlike vibes," Lullaby's fresh take on an electro-pop soundtrack results in a sound unique to Lullaby.  We catch up with Lullaby after her recent release 'See Me Through.'

So, tell us about your recent single 'See Me Through.'

See me through was a project for an exam at the beginning, wrote during the lockdown which I was spending with my boyfriend. Being both Italian stuck in a tiny house in the UK, we missed the sun a lot and I personally missed the sea a lot. I’m a very pensive person, I like to ask myself lots of questions regarding the meaning of life and all my relationships and myself, so I thought of adding an intro with some of the questions I was asking myself frequently. The song talks about the relationship with my boyfriend which has been very hard during the years. I think the unknown is what everyone fears the most because is what we cannot control but what I believe is when you love someone, you either ride or die. There is no in-between. That is why I say in the song ’Take my trembling hands and let me lead’, cause want you to know that I am afraid too but you can trust me, cause I would never hurt you.

What is the first record you bought?

I think the first one was an Italian artist, called Giorgia at the age of 6-7 years old. I remember me thinking ‘I want to be her’; So I started singing along in my room when nobody was at home (I have always been a shy kid) but I developed this passion only later after discovering Christina Aguilera which I was obsessed at the time. I was doing ballet since so I have always loved all the arts:  I used to paint with my mum which has the heart of an artist and I loved to write poetries and short stories; I think I have also won a couple of prizes as a child.

If you had to describe your music in three words, what would they be?

I would say dream, water and introspective.

What sort of circumstances or events leads you to write songs?

I have always loved to write, but I think I was embarrassed of my work because of some issues I had to accept my personality and my sensitivity. I was mocked as a child for being a bit weird and I took me a lot to get over it. I wrote my first real song after high school, during therapy, which is called Seashell and talks about an endless period of apathy I experienced during high-school. About the circumstances, I personally love writing in solitude. I like to look inside myself and most of the times I use writing as a healing process. 

What is your idea of a great gig if money was no object? Describe your dream show!

I have always had many problems with gigs because I need to feel comfortable. I need to feel that my music really matches the location and the audience. I am not the type of musician that likes to play music whenever and wherever cause singing my songs is like getting naked, like getting my intimate thoughts exposed to everyone and I need to be sure the audience is the right one to receive them.

What music did you listen to growing up and who inspires you musically now?

I love lots of music but the artists that most inspired me are Lana del Rey and Sevdaliza. Funny thing is a rejected Lana del Rey at the beginning cause it was too sad but after therapy, I discovered a new side of me, a sensitive, masochist, unhappy, fragile one. I love happy music but I usually tend to write darker lyrics. With Sevdaliza was love at first sight, I found her last year and I fell in love instantly, because of her singularity and also because she is fully independent which is to appreciate nowadays that everyone only run after mone.

So, what should we expect from Lullaby in the coming future?

I am preparing an EP which would be out next year. I cannot say much yet but I am working a lot on it and has a whole concept that links every song together and deals with visions, dreams and nightmares. I can only say it is gonna be mostly written and produced by me and it is gonna be much darker than this last single.

Check our Lullaby's recent single 'See Me Through' on Spotify HERE

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