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Marq Electronica's Top 5 Songs

Marq Electronica, hailing from the North-East, UK, has been releasing a string of singles this past year. Produced by Brit and Ivor Novello award winner Simon Ellis, his latest release was 'Wildlife' and expect a new single (also produced by Ellis) arriving in the new year... Whilst we're starting to get all excited about that, Marq takes us through his five top tracks.

1. Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy. It's simply heartbreaking and funky with an epic sound. Everything comes together and Shara Nelson's vocals give me chills. It still holds up today as much as it did when it first kicked butt. As mainly a lyricist until a few years ago I appreciate the beautiful words throughout and Shara and the music really do them justice.

2. Wilkinson - Afterglow. Becky Hills vocals and Wilkinson's music! Nuff said! It became my favourite song as soon as I heard it. It just reminds me of when I could go clubbing; the lyrics are perfect you don't want the night to end an amazing track.

3. Bjork - Army Of Me. Just a really honest and perfect song for saying "stop moaning and get on with it" but to do it in a way where the music and vocals actually match perfectly, It always gives me goosebumps.

4. Loose Ends - Don't Be A Fool. A soulful house-tinged track all about going for what you want to do. It came out around the time I was stuck in a terrible job and my personal life was a mess and I had an opportunity to restart my life and took it . This song always makes me smile as it was almost my theme tune at the time.

5. CamelPhat featuring Lowes - Easier. Beautiful atmospheric vocals and achingly brilliant electronics, a dance track with so much depth. If I got to work with them or Franky Wah my life would be complete haha!

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