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Marq Electronica Releases Dance Anthem 'Get Down and Work It Out'

Marq Electronica, North East based musician, has released a marriage of funk, house, and soulful dance in ‘Get Down and Work It Out’.

Bringing timeless influence from the likes of Daft Punk, Massive Attack and even Missy Elliott, he channels the charm of retro-house into the new era of 2020 and strays from his previous experience in more serious sounds to grapple with the euphoric energy of funk. Tracks like ‘Get Down and Work It Out’ are much trickier to come by these days, and its refreshing glimpse into previous eras is likely to prove popular with those already well-acquainted with the genre’s beauty.

The song maintains something similar to a Jamiroquai track, with lower-pitched synths and a more commanding 'bassier' vibe compared to that of your trance house, for example. It’s not as common nowadays to find vocals in a dance track, yet Marq’s tell a story in this one. The pitch of the synths is complemented by the range in vocals and demonstrates an ability to provide a funk track that isn’t limited just by musical landscape alone but driven by a desire to incorporate multiple musical elements within it. Wanting to capture the essence of the dance scene and enjoyment he found in those long nights, Marq Electronica gives the listener a glimpse into his years of experience in the field. Music speaks volumes about the artist and I find with dance tracks that what is told most by them is what the artist enjoys most about the genre. They take the best bits of their favourite nights out and inject it into the studio, meaning we get a fair insight into what to expect on a night out with Marq Electronica; timeless funk, and classic vibes.

‘Get Down and Work It Out’ is available to stream now, with his new single ‘In a City (Love)’ dropping on August 14th; a track that offers up contrasting grit and angst compared to the last release.

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