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Mark Westberg presents: "Galaxy Disco"

December 2021 - Mark Westberg is an artist and songwriter who recently dropped a brand new album, "Galaxy Disco". One of the most exciting things about this particular work is perhaps the fact that you will find an impressive array of different sounds here, allowing the artist to explore a huge variety of sounds and different creative influences under one roof. It is not always easy to accomplish such a diverse range of sounds in music, but it feels like an easy task for Mark Westberg, who seems to be always up to a new creative challenge to spice things up in his musical endeavours.

"Galaxy Disco" is the title of the artist’s most recent album. This unique piece of music feels like a perfect representation what Mark Westberg is all about, as it blends genres like punk and alt-folk in a very organic way. If you do like the sound of artists such as The Streetlight Manifesto, Against Me!, and Frank Turner, this one is most definitely going to be right up your alley.

Find out more about Mark Westberg, and do not miss out on "Galaxy Disco". This release is currently available on some of the best digital music services out there.

Follow Mark Westberg for more info: Website | Instagram | Spotify

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