• Jade Evans

Lutfia Drops Debut EP ‘So Much For Summer’

Lutfia is the embodiment an independent artist – A college student navigating her way through an age crowded by change yet still pursuing the dream of jumping high in music.

‘So Much For Summer’ delves deeper into the colors of white, teal green and blonde in Lutfia’s artworks representing her artistry.

On first listen, Lutfia’s delicate voice and raw penned down verses pour melancholy all over the perception of the person listening. It is rare for an artist to find their own sound despite being influenced by those who have mastered the art they are now stepping into – Lutfia somehow takes pieces of Demi Lovato, Christina Aguilera, Michael Jackson, and puts them all together into a craft that is personal to her.

Her debut single ‘Last night’ was a song she wrote alone, much like the rest of her album. She writes and composes her songs independently and crafts the most personal body of work that she humanly can.

Her future rests within her walking the path to taking her music on levels as personal as possible. She aims to write deeply and more passionately about the anxieties of the generation she herself represents.

Despite the aim, it is assured an artist with the vigor found within Lutfia is going nowhere but to the top.

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