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LUKA releases haunting new single ‘Past The Point Of No Return’

Based in Leeds and London, UK, LUKA crafts distinctive indie pop with a unique kookiness. With hints of Phoebe Bridgers, Lorde, Dodie, FKA Twigs and Imogen Heap, LUKA is definitely one to watch. Now, LUKA releases her second single ‘Past The Point Of No Return’, which has luscious layers of synth, strings, organ and vocal.

Though just at the beginning of her musical journey, there is a refined sophistication to be heard in LUKA's songwriting and vocals, as well as in her thematic and lyrical sensibilities; which are stand-out. This is LUKA's second single and is part of a wider body of work to be released in 2021. LUKA’s debut single ‘Play Thing’ was a beautiful introduction to the artist’s world, and here we are invited to join once more.

In the artist's own words: "Past The Point Of No Return is a song about general mental health struggles. It explores experiences with anxiety and depression and trying to get past them in order to live life to the fullest. Also like existential fear of wanting your life to be important and to mean something. Fighting against your brain basically".

The suspense builds continuously through this latest track, very much leaving us on the edge of our seat. Yet there’s release in the rich organ section which is reminiscent of Nouvelle Vague’s ‘Fade To Grey’, as is the overall ‘feel’ of this new single. The background whispers we hear throughout are at once ominous and soothing. This is a refined and brooding song with elegant production from Bob Brazill.

The percussion hits halfway through, albeit in a very minimal way, with a faint kick drum and subtle snare. Yet in the last 30 seconds of the song this snare erupts into a crackle, and the strings grow louder - the tortured longing to be felt throughout the track all make sense in these final climactic moments.

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