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LightBody Sound's Debut Album Invites Us To Be Conscious Through Sound Healing

Chris and Elizabeth are partners in crime. Not only are they band mates within LightBody Sound, but they are also soul mates, husband and wife. Now, in between raising their two children in Virginia, USA, they have found the time to create this truly captivating synth-wave meets dream-pop LP, the first musical project that the two have embarked on together.

Ten songs which are a glimpse into a musical universe informed by love, healing and conscious living, this album is inspiring and eye-opening. Introductory track ‘Unity Song’ is a luscious instrumental featuring powerful guitar riffs and atmospheric synth pads, which sets the scene for songs to follow.

‘Ascension Zone’ is a hypnotic ballad that draws us into the world of spiritual uplifting that LightBody Sound seek to create through their music. ‘You are now entering the Ascension Zone’ announces the voice of Elizabeth, as if through a megaphone. This song gives you the feeling that you’re at the station, ready to board a space-craft. We also catch the first glimpse of Elizabeth’s operatic roots, as her soothing vocals sweep in and draw us closer. The lyrics describe a sea roofed by rainbows, under which ‘Two lovers met and departed’, introducing the theme of true love which recurs throughout the album.

We spy more of Elizabeth’s opera-style vocal elsewhere on the album, such as in the rhapsodising ‘Snake Magic’ and ‘Freedom Place’. Yet what’s interesting is the mix of vocal styles on this LP - Elizabeth not only channels her inner opera-star, but also leans towards a more rock-pop sensibility in songs such as ‘Dream of Love’ and ‘Ashes to Ashes’. Both of these tracks appear to sit somewhere on the spectrum between Bowie and Depeche Mode. Then there’s also the voice of producer-songwriter and other half of the duo, Chris. ‘What About Love’ showcases the singing talent of this forever-troubadour, who has released a number of records in the past under the monikers Kanude and Val Holler. There's a touch of Queen in this song.

Duet ‘Americronica’ takes on more classic influences, moving away from the futuristic moments of the album - there’s a wonky bassline, keys and rock-style electric guitar and pulsating chorus. Another duet follows with ‘Gypsies’, a song about the glory of nomadic adventure and self-discovery. Once again, we hear more other-worldly tendencies with an entrancing, pitch-gliding synth hook.

‘Freedom Place’ is a beautiful moment of calm in the album with glimmers of Shakespears Sister. Comprising of Elizabeth’s entrancing voice and subtle synth textures, this song pays homage to her profession as a certified Usui Reiki Master and song healer.

The album closes with another duet - ‘Fly Your Wings’ - as the two voices of Chris and Elizabeth once again unite.

Listen to the LP on Spotify is HERE

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