• Jade Evans

Let's Get Wild With Marq Electronica

After years singing and writing lyrics and performing in the region with my band, lockdown given Marq the opportunity to work on solo material and some exciting collaborations. Marq says “I’ve never been that confident writing my own music and lyrics but after sharing some of my songs with friends and fellow musicians they encouraged me to share it with everyone and strike out as a solo artist.”

“Wildlife” is his third solo single following the uplifting dance tracks “Get Down And Work It Out” and “In a City (Love).” It includes a synth in the chorus and a funky edge that keeps listeners moving along to the energy charged rhythms.

He includes comical lyrics such as “I’ve got bills and no money/ I’m allergic to honey/ But my partner thinks I’m funny, when we’re watching the wildlife” to connect with his audience while lightheartedly sharing his thoughts on people’s actions during a time of COVID.

Watch the official video for “Wildlife” below

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