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Laura Greaves Entrances With New Music Video for 'Psychopath'

Laura Greaves is a singer-songwriter who began her music career in 2016 with her debut EP

‘High Tide’. It was written in her bedroom, just after she dropped out of University and was

living back at her family home. She is now working with Circus Records to release an EP in 2021 that showcases how her sound has evolved since her first release. The EP Into The Dark is out now! Now we welcome an entrancing music video for lead track 'Psychopath'...

Laura comments:

"I’ve loved the response to Psychopath’s video, as a songwriter I’ve never seen my songs visually before so being part of the video was like stepping into the world of Psychopath… it was exactly what I was picturing when writing the track."

Music video for 'Psychopath' directed by Cat Job and edited by Joe Petit, with cinematography by Jon Prentice.

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