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Kemper Grant's Album 'Jungle' Is A Must-Listen

Oklahoma artist, Kemper Grant has released the album, Jungle, to kick off his promising career. The 8-track album shows off Kemper Grant’s multi-faceted talents. Sounds on the song range from an upbeat and energetic to smooth and mild, from pleasant-sounding harmonics to ’80s disco. The variety of songs and sounds on this album makes it easy for everyone to vibe well with it.

Jungle is available now on all major platforms. Follow Kemper Grant on Instagram or visit his website for more information on the rising artist and his future releases.

First track 'All Day All Night' features dreamy swelling synth pads, and a feature from rap artist 'Young Polo'. It's got trap-style percussion and it's an inviting opening to the album. 'Electra' has a more synth-pop vibe to it, and is a blend between The Weeknd and Post Malone. It's got luscious melodies en-meshed with sung vocals. A highlight of the album for me is ‘Uber Ride to Cry’ which brings a touch of funk and disco to the album, with vocoder vocals à la Daft Punk. The great thing about Jungle is that it packs a few genres into one compilation, yet it all links remarkably well at the same time. More vocoder features on moody track 'Round-a-bout'.

Listen to the album HERE

Follow Kemper Grant: Website, Instagram, Facebook

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