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Jody Bigfoot Set To Release Enticing Trailer Of ‘Duszt’

It’s not often that an artist bursts onto the scene to shake things up and break the mould, but when they do, it’s utterly exciting. Well, luckily for us, up and coming artist Jody Bigfoot is storming onto the scene to do just that. Described as an ‘anomaly and renegade in life and art,’ the special nature of Jody lies in the rich tapestry of activism, life experience and art that make up this individuals art. After playing a leading role in the local anti-Iraq war movement and attending the largest protest in history to no avail, he became disillusioned with conventional forms of protest. It was after travelling (literally, wherever he could get a visa) that he heard the New Zealand reggae and Maori roots back Trinity Roots that he had a seminal inspiration to translate his activism through music - and we couldn’t be more grateful. Jody’s highly anticipated debut album ‘Duszt’ will be released on the 1st of May. Yes, that might seem a long way off. But don’t worry, Jody is letting us into a sneak peek with the first trailer instalment bursting onto our screens on the 22nd of January.

Duszt is a twelve-track ‘conscious trap’ album with accompanying feature-length music video, filmed on location in Japan. Jody Bigfoot is attempting to keep alive the rebellious roots of hip hop whilst sprinkling it with the encouragement for spiritual growth he strongly believes is needed for humanity to find its way out of the chaotic predicament it’s currently in - and it’s, honestly, beautiful. This upcoming trailer is a sneak peek into the genius of Jody, as he begins to unravel the poetic picture of ‘Duszt’. With a feature-length music-film that accompanies the album, it’s going to be hard to wait so long to witness the musical monolith Jody Bigfoot has curated. Well, at least on the 22nd of this month we’ll be allowed a sneak peek of the sonic universe of Jody Bigfoot.

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