• Jade Evans

Jody Bigfoot returns with his new offering ‘Where Is The Style?’

Fresh off the back of dropping his brilliant singles ‘Hands’ and ‘Migi Ni Hidari Ni’ throughout the year so far, rapper Jody Bigfoot is now continuing his journey as he shares his latest release ‘Where Is The Style?’

Accompanied by a stunning and self-produced new video, ‘Where Is The Style?’ sees the MC bring back more of that fire flow he is quickly earning a reputation for. Filled with his signature dark tones and rapid delivery, it feels as though this new effort could be one of his most captivating to date.

The video for ‘Where Is The Style?’ is lifted from his new feature film and studio album ‘Duszt’, which is due to be released on the 1st May. Filled entirely in Japan, this new work looks to add further depth and understanding into the inner working of this fast-rising artist.

Check out the video for ‘Where Is The Style? below:

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