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Jay Moussa-Mann Returns With Vibey New Single ‘What Makes You Think’

We're so happy to hear more new music from prolific creative Jay Moussa-Mann. Jay is a rare talent - a filmmaker and musician, and also a very charismatic and engaging content creator over on her Youtube channel where she talks about everything from being an independent musician through to making her own merch.

Jay's new single ‘What Makes You Think’ is out this coming Friday. This song is a wistful look at a broken-down relationship, with the dawning realisation that the other person never really loved you. Set against the backdrop of 2020, the song carries more weight when you realise it isn’t about one breakup - it’s about breaking up with the whole world. As Jay explains:

"I sat on my bed feeling confused. The world had just turned inside out and upside down. People I thought I knew so well, suddenly seemed like strangers. It all felt like one massive breakup."

We adore the sophisticated musical arrangement on this track, with melancholic piano and hypnotic strings, complete with an entrancing lead vocal by Jay and choral-esque harmonies towards the track's end. Moreover, Jay is a talented storyteller, and this song is no exception - it's a tale told in luscious melodies and relatable lyrics that will stay with you long after hearing it first time.

Jay's single ‘What Makes You Think’ is out Friday 12th February 2021. There will also be a lovely lyric video to go alongside it.

Make sure to subscribe to Jay's Youtube channel right HERE & follow her on Instagram HERE or visit her WEBSITE for all the info in one place!

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