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It's A 'Brighter Day': James Millier Releases New Single & Music Video

James Millier is here again with his new release 'Brighter Day' and it's a beautiful song that is sure to appeal to many people of all ages and all walks of life.

Brighter Day is an alternative country single which tells the story about how a relationship breakup can make you a better person and lead you in a brighter direction towards life. This is something music artist James Millier felt he could connect to from a moment in his life because he knows how this situation actually feels plus he felt like this kind of song would connect with possible listeners who have just been through a breakup and are searching for a positive spin from their relationship ending. ‘Brighter Day’ was co-written by highly acclaimed Nashville songwriter Trey Bruce.

Stream and download ‘Brighter Day’ now:

Follow James Millier via his new official website:

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