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Ione Gets Us In Our Feels With Upcoming EP ‘The Tide Is Changing’

Ione is back with another EP ready to get us vibing through lockdown life this month. With her upcoming EP, ‘The Tide Is Changing,’ Ione is furthering her flourishing career in the solo music realm. It’s beyond doubt Ione is blessed with pipes sent from heaven and has been sharing the gift from just three years old in the church choir, as many of our staple soul singers are. Throughout her extensive career, Ione has since sung with the likes of GORILLAZ, Adam Green and Foals and even performed as a lead in one of the longest-running shows in the West End, ‘Thriller Live’. Ione has flexed pretty much every musical muscle since starting out, and is now flying solo with her completely captivating solo material - and what a treat it is. The upcoming EP comes off the back of Ione’s recent single ‘Loved By You’ which already has earned Ione over thirteen thousand streams on Spotify alone.

‘The Tide Is Changing’ is the upcoming EP set to take our playlists from the 29th of January. Made up of three tracks, this EP is running rich with catchy melodies, slapping bass lines and unwavering honest lyricism. The title track ‘The Tide Is Changing’ sets the tone for Ione’s utterly infectious, subtly sexy artistry. Employing the production proficiency of David Blazer, this track oozes sweeping synths, popping percussion and a booming bassline; ear candy galore. Throughout the whole EP, Ione’s lyrics remain open, honest and unwaveringly unafraid as she speaks on love, loss and facing the truth. Honestly, Ione’s direct, dynamic approach within her lyricism is refreshing. The concluding track ‘Run Away’ showcases the formidable force of a female vocalist, as Ione’s singing sails over a soundscape rife with eighties electricity. It’s no doubt Ione will be dominating our airwaves this year when this EP is released on the 29th of January. Ione has launched this body of work at the perfect time to set the tone for our new year - after all, the tide is changing.


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