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Introducing: the truly talented BEMENDE

BEMENDE is a Dutch-Congolese singer-songwriter based in the South-East. She has grown up in multicultural neighbourhoods and being exposed to a multitude of genres such as R&B, Hip-hop and House is showcased closely in her music today and definitely on this track.She has released her latest R&B EP entitled ‘FTSH’. This EP has been 2 years in making. This is an artist way her way of re-introducing herself.

The first 3 tracks are very similar in terms of the message they are presenting artistically on her half. They discuss the challenges and difficulties faced in life when dealing with men. The final track explores the importance for growth in all areas of life and the need to grow. A standout track is ‘Throwback’, here we can hear how soft yet strong her voice is at commands the track well. BEMENDE’s voice blends well with the strong bass and layered instruments behind her. It stands out just enough where we are left wanting more by the time the song ends. Definitely one of the strongest tracks on the EP. Overall, the EP is a very smooth and soulful piece of work. Each track is very independent sonically but also cohesive in sound.

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