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Introducing The New Podcast - 'Decent Staples'

Decent Music PR is all about bringing you every insight into the freshest up and coming artists making waves in the music scene right now and with the exciting release of our new podcast, Decent Staples, we’re doing just that. Decent Staples is the new podcast striving to let you into the musical minds of the freshest up and coming musicians on our roster. This exciting new string to Decent’s bow is a fresh platform where guest artists hone in on their five most influential tracks, delving into their musical foundations with Anna Stephens - the host and head of Decent Music PR. These five staples are the tracks that have created pivotal turning points in the artist's influence and inspirations, laying the foundations for the fresh sounds emanating from the musicians coming up through Decent. Whilst supplying us with new bangers to add to our playlists, Decent Staples steps behind the curtain to reveal the unwavering musical essentials of the acts redefining genre boundaries here at Decent. After all, to write history you have to know your history.

Our first episode delves into the musical heroes of the funk powerhouse Moon Wax. With solid production expertise between the virtuosic duo, Robb Maynard and Billy Smith

reminisce over the lush melodies of John Mayer that inspire the slick guitar solos crucial to Moon Wax’s sound. Lusting over the soulful layers of Jamiroquai, the production of their upcoming release ‘Sayonara’ is swimming in the slick production influencing the duo. Musing over the chemistry of Incubus, the rich virtuosity of Cody Fry’s ‘Better’ and the sleek laidback vibes of Jungle, Moon Wax takes us on a journey through their musical heartthrobs and rich influential history that pours into their genre-fusing sound. With their own Spotify playlist ‘Wax Picks’ furthering on from their five staples, Moon Wax are schooling us on the music we didn’t know we needed education in. With upcoming episodes dropping the first of every month, be sure to tune into the podcast bursting at the seams with musical inspiration and insight.

Listen to the first episode of Decent Staples HERE

Find Moon Wax on Spotify HERE