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Let's Meet Best Mates 'Mass House'

We do a Q&A with Brummie indie-electro duo Mass House, who are set to liberate the songwriting styles of 21st century British Indie through an incorporation of underground electronic genres such as grime and techno. Formed by lifelong best friends Dylan Williams and Tom Minchin, Mass House combine plastic synths and eerie beats on an exploration through Birmingham’s Brutalist heritage and diverse collection of personalities to create something truly unique. 

The pair have been keeping busy during lockdown and released a stunning compilation album of Birmingham-based electronic artists, called 'Quarantine Machine', which is available to purchase now on Bandcamp here. All money made will be donated to local food banks in Brum run by The Trussell Trust.

How did you two get together and where did the name Mass House come from?

We've been friends for life and we've developed musically in tandem. Mass House comes from the old Mass House circus in Birmingham, a huge fly over that suffocated the city. We are breaking the concrete collar. 

What first got you into music?

PS1 Game soundtracks.

You’re from Birmingham. What is the local music scene like?

The Birmingham music scene is great, there's a real diversity of genres and what ever you're into you're bound to have someone enthusiastically telling you about a local artist in that genre. 

Can you explain the inspiration behind your upcoming track ‘Birmingham’?

Musically it was inspired by artists such as Gorillaz but we put a bit of a swung, dub twist on it. Lyrically, it's an internal debate, romanticising the person you'd be if your circumstances were different but at the same time being unwilling to make the changes.

What is your creative process like?

Generally Tom will write and produce the songs whilst Dylan will do the design and artwork side of things. We both influence each other though. It's easy to get caught up during the creative process so it's always good to have another creative mind to help you focus on the important parts in the project.

Where are your favourite and least favourite venues to perform?

We've done a fair few gigs in Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester. Would be hard to pick a favourite although our lockdown gigs do have the benefit of being able to sit on the sofa between songs.

Not sure I could say a least favourite - we always seem to come out of gigs feeling positive, no matter how empty or dingy the venue is.

What’s next for you?

We're really keen to start our own night. Think the first ones will be off the back of the charity compilation album we've just completed. Just loads of great music and good times. When we're allowed out the house the worlds our oyster!

Mass House's single 'Birmingham' is out May 15th 2020.

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