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Get To Know London Pop-Punk Trio 'Break Fate'

Today, London trio 'Break Fate' release their single 'Fog'. With matching boiler suits & electric energy on stage, you can't miss these guys...

How did you three get together and where did the name Break Fate come from?

Originally, it was just Ricky and I as a duo. It took us so long to come up with a band name. At first it was T.O.Y.S. Which stood for an acronym that I can’t remember. I know, T.O.Y.S. haha. Ricky would send me 5 or so names he would make up a day… until we finally settled on Break Fate. It just felt right. After we had established ourselves online, released our first single and music video Oliver came along. He discovered our music from an advert we made from our music video. He slid into our dms and the first message was something along the lines of ‘Where's the drummer’. And boom, there he was, in our Dm’s.

Describe each of your personalities a little - who's the loudest for example, the funniest, the most reserved?

I don’t think one of us carries any single individual trait which is what makes us all unique. I would say we all have our moments. In regards to who is the loudest it would arguably be our drummer Oliver (especially after a few beers). Aside from playing the loudest instrument he likes to make sure everyone is always laughing and having a good time but as mentioned before we all have our moments. Mashana, our lead vocalist, can be loud when he gets excited about a new idea which is great for all of us because then we know we’ve stumbled upon something new and exciting. The funniest would be whoever is cracking the jokes in the rehearsal room at the time, we somewhat feed off of each other and the jokes just flow from there (It’s just generally a great time). Most reserved I would have to say would be Ricky, our guitarist, which completely breaks the obnoxious guitarist stereotype. Ricky is a creative genius and, alongside Mashana, makes up for the bulk of the songs with Oliver wrapping them up musically.

How would you describe your sound?

The word we would use to describe our sound is "Cathartic". It is the cornerstone of our music. We aim to have and give a cathartic experience to anyone that is listening. All the other elements be it guitar, lyrics, drums, the arrangements fall underneath this principal so to speak. This in turn means we don't really set out to plan what we should sound like. Instead we feel things out until we get that feeling of "this is making me want to say something", then we get to writing.

Tell us about the inspiration behind your single 'Fog'?

In a nutshell, the inspiration comes from our guitarist’s current state of mind at the time of writing Fog. He was frustrated with the lack of positivity and always being put down about his passion and dreams of being successful. He wanted to write a song about breaking past this. An anthem that would help others in the same position. Ricky admits, it's a pretty experimental track. With a chorus at the start, harmonies as main vocals, the choir at the end there. We have no idea where that came from haha.

Which bands are you most inspired by and why?

Between the three of us, we are inspired by loads of bands and musical acts. But the bands that we collectively draw influence from are Knuckle Puck, Trash Boat, Tiny Moving Parts, The Story so Far, Gold Route and Summer Wars, the list can go on and on but we'll leave it there for now.

What's a day in the studio like for you three?

I love being in the studio! We always go in completely open minded. We have our tracks ready and record all our main parts with our awesome producer Taka. But, the magic mostly happens after when we're experimenting, or in some cases improvising different guitar parts, drums, or Mashana would try a different melody and we would all be like “WHAT WAS THAT!? DO THAT”. “do what?” “WHAT YOU JUST DID!”. We always have fun to say the least.

What will Break Fate be up to for the rest of this crazy year?

We originally had a fixed plan of releasing the singles from the album first and then releasing the album itself shortly after which we will still implement. Our next plan of action was to gig the album as much as possible and hopefully do a little UK tour to spread the word but with everything going on at the moment we’ve postponed any gigs for now. Public health will always be the priority and we wish everyone well. When this is all over we will come back stronger and that will be our aim to just gig as much as possible.

New single 'Fog' out today!

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