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Hip-hop Artist King C.P Drops Debut LP ‘The Evolution’

Hip-hop/rap artist, King C.P has dropped his debut LP, ‘The Evolution’, an 11-track album that takes us on a personal journey, with all the highs and lows included. Expect moments of frustration, reflection and calm.

The LP opens with track ‘Phase 2’, which is a symphony of sweeping synth pads and minimal percussion, as the artist raps about the challenge of reinventing himself and becoming stronger: ’Man you wouldn’t believe the shit I’ve been through…’ King C.P clearly isn’t messing - he’s ready to show us what he’s made of now: ‘What y’all was listening to was training; this is Phase 2.’

‘NevaLand’ feels like a sleek extension of this opening track: ‘Cos Lord knows, I’m just tryna be a better man’ he raps, as the same sweeping synth pads continue to tell his story, before launching into more punchy hip-hop tracks later in the album. ‘Gift / Curse’ whets our appetite for jumpier grooves, as vocal melodies intertwine beautifully with more emboldened percussion towards the end of the track.

‘Stuck in VA’ has a dancier vibe to it, with a woodwind melodic hook and fast-paced rap. ‘Good Investment’ is a more abrasive track: ‘See I try to be the nice guy, but now all I see is red’. This is a moment of impassioned anger within the album, of which you can’t help but feel the full force.

Interlude piece ‘By Myself’ is a luscious contrast to that anger, which invites the listener into a pensive whirlwind with layers of Neo-soul keys, stripped-back percussion and melancholy-tinged vocals.

‘Brand New Day’ is the most funky track on the album, with a slap bass-line and singing reminiscent of an early Kanye West, with a feature from artist Landon. This has to be the stand-out track on the album, with a sleek, optimistic vibe to it that will have you swaying to the rhythm and hitting rewind. Another gem is ‘Thanos’, with mellow Frank Ocean vibes and an appearance from featured artist Zaee, who takes a more ambience-fuelled approach to his shade of hip-hop.

All in all, after 3 years of hard work - with its ups, and downs - ‘The Evolution’ has grown into a work of art that 23 year old artist King C.P should be proud of.

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Listen to 'The Evolution' HERE

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