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‘Him Always, Them Sometimes, Her Forever' - Remayn's Stand-out New Album

I can only count a handful of times that I have been completely swept away by a new artist so completely. When I stumbled onto indie artist Remayn, it was right after the release of his album ‘Him Always, Them Sometimes, Her Forever.’ From the opening ascension of the opening instrumental track, I could feel that this album would be special.

The opening track leads into an incredibly emotional and vulnerable track titled ‘Fata Morgana.’ Remayn’s vocals on this song are overwhelmingly beautiful. He has such a clean tone, and it cuts right to the soul of the track. It is a perfect example of what he is capable of vocally. There are many instances of this through the 9 track album, but this is probably my favorite.

With so much music behind him already, it is incredible to see so much consistency with Remayn. He has not lost his touch and seems to only be getting better with each release. album ‘Him Always, Them Sometimes, Her Forever’ is the most different thing he has done musically, but it is all around true to himself. Whatever music style he is projecting with any given project, he has no issue with making it completely his own.

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