• Jade Evans

'Groove' by Young Sovl Will Ease Your Lockdown Blues

Sleek, sexy, smooth - that’s how we’d describe the stunning single ‘Groove’ by US artist Young Sovl.

Young Sovl is a Broward County Native whose style is unique from his ability to sing as well as rap on various tones and genres. After studying music and music business for a number of years and also managing a number of artists, he was finally able to focus on his own music, collabing with artists like Selfish Ways, performing at shows, and working with producer Ray Ali. The pair even landed a sync license situation at Capitol Records. Young Sovl has also done a lot of work in co-production.

Young Sovl's single ‘Groove’ is a feel-good anthem with catchy rhythm and electric piano licks. There’s a hint of Drake, Post Malone and Outkast. It mixes elements of funk, pop, R&B, soul, trap and hip-hop together into one unique song. There is something very therapeutic about 'Groove', and you could happily sway to it over and over. It’s all about being in awe of somebody; ‘I’d love to go with you’ being the catchy vocal refrain we hear throughout. The words ‘My eyes on you, only you’ suggest that the speaker is infatuated and desires no-one other than the person they sing about. This is a song about desire and being entranced by someone.

The artwork for the single shows a crowd of people having a good time, dancing together in close proximity, which in this lockdown era, makes us long for those kind of nights again! Yet here's the secret - we can all get a little closer just by listening to this track - so go transport yourself to an uplifting night with others by playing Young Sovl’s single now and imagining yourself on a dance-floor! If you fancy listening to something uplifting and soothing, this really is the song to save to your libraries. Young Sovl keeps the trap genre fresh, and avoids re-creating sounds all to familiar to us, by creating something totally his own. We don’t know about you, but we’d love to go with Young Sovl.

Listen to ‘Groove’ here: www.songwhip.com/youngsovl/groove Go follow Young Sovl on Instagram!