• Olly Davies

Get To Know: Parachute Words

Parachute Words have another single to treat the masses! The band started from the bedroom recordings of Martino Gasparrini. Starting out with raw lo-fi home recordings, the band's albums have improved with every release, leaving a trail of guitar indie rock albums in their wake. Based in London, the band has played several headline shows at The Victoria and The Islington. They have been featured on numerous blogs and playlists including BIRP.FM, IndieFolkRadio, Indiemono and For The Rabbits with "It's Quiet" being included on the Spotify playlist "Fresh Finds: Six Strings." We sat down and caught up with people behind the music.

So, tell us about your new single 'Sunshine'! What inspired you?

I guess the initial spark for the song comes from the fact that I tend to be quite a sarcastic person. I remember walking to my practice space and I started thinking about this idea of having a chorus that sounds really positive but is an actually ironic take on something. I was probably thinking about our inability as a society to actively deal with climate change so that phrase of the sun shining bright stuck out to me. The lyrics to the chorus came to me on that walk, which is unusual for me since I always tend to write the melody to a song first and then add lyrics. So I had that line "the sun is always shining brighter" and I knew it would be a funny chorus for a song about global warming. Then once I got to my practice space I felt inspiration coming and so I recorded the first thing that came out on my phone and the melody with the ho-ho-ho bit arrived fully formed.

You have a history of a ‘DIY’ approach to recording - how has transitioning to full-scale studio been? Has it changed your sound?

Not really, since I still write the exact same way. I come into the studio with every guitar part, drum fill, vocal harmony and etc already written and recorded onto a demo file. Then once in the studio, I just re-record every part. So essentially I'm creating a hi-fi version on top of the demo and then dumping the demo files. I guess similar to how someone might trace a drawing on a piece of paper. This overall does mean I am constantly re-recording everything but since time is so limited in a studio it allows me to get more done in a shorter amount of time, it tends to be extremely stressful and I need to be very organised and know exactly what I want.

What would be a dream live show for you?

I mean if we are talking about dreams dreams then it would be to play at the Roundhouse in

London. It's such a beautiful venue and it is where I have seen some of my favourite shows of all time. I still remember seeing Neutral Milk Hotel there as if it was yesterday.

Global warming is a prevalent theme in your new track. Is that something you're passionate about raising awareness for?

I think it's more about showing the ridiculousness of how we are treating the problem. It's not a song that gives a specific directive but more points the lens at each other to show our

own absurdity.

Your name comes from a The Robot ate me song, what other musical influences do you have and how do they present within your own songwriting?

My biggest influences are other DIY artists that have paved the way by sticking to their guns and being unabashedly themselves with the small amount of resources they had. Bands like Neutral Milk Hotel, Alex G, Car Seat Headrest come to mind or even less rock influences like

Brockhampton. I hate the idea of not being able to do something because I can't get the right people involved and this is what these artists have done better than most, they used whatever they had and not let that limit their artistic ambitions.

What advice would you give to fledgeling artists beginning to experiment with home recording?

The most boring advice there is, just keep on doing it more and more and you will get better. 4 years ago I could spend 3 months on an album and despite all that hard work, it would turn out sounding terrible. While last year, for example, I spent one month recording demos (that later became my last album) and those recordings that ended up sounding infinitely better than that first album. So yeah, keep doing it and (especially at the beginning) focus on quantity over quality because by making the quantity the quality will eventually come.

Totally. So, lastly, what's next for Parachute Words?

There will be another single coming out next month! And then after that I have a little

quarantine album that I recorded during those initial terrible lockdown months. And then after that, I have another little concept album about a tinder date that I'm really looking forward to releasing. I was supposed to release that sooner but having lyrics about going to a pub and talking to strangers feels like a weird thing to release at this time.

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