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Final Frontier Releases New Single ‘Summer Nights’

Hunter Gorgas produces music under the name of Final Frontier - a name that expresses the parallels between space and music; particularly the infinite and awe-inspiring nature of each. Using a blend of instruments and a beat machine, Hunter records, sings, mixes, and masters all of his songs. Hunter's lyrics provide thought-provoking insight into the human condition, attempting to highlight the joy that can be found in the everyday.

Now, Final Frontier unleashes his new single 'Summer Nights'. Smooth guitar sounds add to the song’s chill vibe to create a perfect indie summer jam that has a feeling of campfire unity. The song is centred around guitar and simple percussion, with a touch of piano thrown in to the rhythm section. It’s a highly personal song, yet one with which we can all identify. Central lyrics of the chorus include ‘One more minute to take this in’ and ‘I never want to go to bed’, suggesting this is a song about wanting to make the most out of the present - and by extension - of life itself. It’s this mix of the playful and the profound that make 'Summer Nights' so very beautiful. Gorgas’ voice is the perfect means through which to deliver his poetic melodies. And it's a vocal tone that bodes seamlessly with his guitar.

'Summer Nights' is available now on Spotify and all other major platforms. Follow Final Frontier on Instagram and Facebook for more information.

Link to the single HERE

Follow Final Frontier on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify

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