• Jade Evans

Erik Odsell’s New Album ‘Human’

Award winning and critically acclaimed Swedish singer-songwriter Erik Odsell released his second studio album in June of this year. Known for his lovely melodies, phenomenal songwriting, and catchy hooks, Erik furthers that legacy with this album. He spends 8 tracks reminding fans why he is critically adored. From top to bottom, this album, titled ‘Human,’ is a pure, soulful experience.

‘When We Were Beautiful’ starts the album off strong. The opening melody is enchanting, and Erik’s voice is smooth and powerful. With lyrics about the pain of growing old and the heartbreak of those consequences, this is a truly touching track. While the song starts off easy, it builds up to a powerful and rock driven anthem.

Another fantastic track is ‘Love Riot.’ The production stands out and gives the song a bright shine. It is easily the catchiest song on the album and has an absolutely glorious chorus. Erik’s falsettos are beautiful on this one.

While these two songs are very strong, the rest of the album is also incredible. It is obvious that a lot of thought and care went into this project. Erik’s dedication to quality sets him apart as an artist and makes him a fantastic listen.

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Visit Erik's website: www.erikodsell.com