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Ellie Grace has just released the heart-breaking single Better Off Alone

Don’t miss out on Ellie Grace’s brand new project Better Off Alone

The track kicks of with an introduction that features a layered and textural landscape. This immediately pulls the listener and keeps them hooked with the retro 80s vibe and lush cascading melodies.

In Better Off Alone, the vocal performance from the artist is expressive and deeply personal. Ellie Grace easily breathes life into the unique yet relatable lyrical composition, showing just how talented and personable the artist is.

What makes Better Off Alone stand out is the sheer diversity of influences and genres. There is a vibrant and colorful pop-country energy that recalls the likes of Taylor Swift. With a catchy hook and melody, it makes the listener instantly fall head over heels for Better Off Alone and want to hit the replay button again and again!

Ellie comments:

"Every time I release new music it’s like I’ve shared another layer of myself with the world, so it’s always so refreshing and liberating to do that. The feedback and reviews have been so wonderful, always makes me so grateful to be able to do this."

On top of this, Better Off Alone also has some 80s influences including a guitar melody that is reminiscent of rock bands such as The Cure

Fans of Katy Perry, Dua Lipa, and Olivia Rodrigo, will definitely enjoy what Ellie Grace has to offer. Listen to Better Off Alone on your preferred online platform!

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