• Jade Evans

Electric Polar Bears Release House Anthem 'SNOW'

Within the current climate, we are all missing the unmatchable thrill of a proper night out. Yet here at Decent, nothing is making us miss it more than Electric Polar Bear’s recent release 'SNOW.' With its thumping bass, striking synths and catchy hook, ‘SNOW’ is the only tool we need to have a one-man rave in our quarantine bedrooms.

Their signature future-house sound is taking the clubbing scene by storm, as their debut made waves on the renowned Groove Cruises LA 2017. Showing no signs of slowing down, they lit up the stages at Time Nightclub US and Decadence AZ, notedly headlining the Groove Cruise Cabo 2018. Where lockdown may have stopped many DJ’s in their tracks, with the release of their fresh single Electric Polar Bears have decided to bring the party to us.

Their recent release ‘SNOW’ is an expertly crafted journey through the duo’s signature future house sound. Their progressive take on classic musical elements cements the duo as an upcoming force in the DJ circuit. The song’s unforgettable hook, “everywhere we go we like to make it snow,” is the unwavering motto of the brothers, who are renowned for showering their crowd with snow guns at every performance. It’ll be no surprise when we're finally able to witness this track live it’ll be a blizzard. The track kicks off with an energetic bass line, which eases into the synth-heavy production that makes up the hook. Flexing every production muscle, Electric Polar Bears showcase the outstanding production skills that make them an unstoppable up and coming act this year. The track is rife with the highs and lows that plants ‘SNOW’ as essential to any club playlist. The duo gradually builds us up with intricately layered crescendos rife with affected samples and rising synths. Only when they are ready, the duo lets the beat drop, with pounding bass lines and striking sawtooth synths. ‘SNOW,’ is the third single from Electric Polar Bears and comes off the back of the immense success of their previous release ‘Break The Ice’ which has gained over two hundred thousand streams and counting. With tasteful blends of EDM, funk, techno and house, Electric Polar Bears fuse juxtaposing elements together with ease as they boldly cross genre boundaries to sculpt club anthems. We are all missing the bustling, loud and unapologetically sweaty atmosphere of club nights out, so put your headphones in and let this track transport you to the dance floor. Despite it being summer, we’re more than happy that Electric Polar Bears are bringing the snow.

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