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Dilla Releases Intoxicating Debut EP ‘Dilla’s Adventures’ - Who’s Joining?!

Hip-hop, rap artist Dilla has dropped his debut EP, ‘Dilla’s Adventures’ and it’s dark and intoxicating. Opening track ‘Intoxicated (Intro)’ will leave the listener feeling as its title suggests - entranced by mesh of rap, guitar melodies and 808 rhythm. Second track ‘No More’ has more of a jumpy groove, with marimba-style riff and vocal samples including ‘You are watching a master at work’ which add a fun, tongue-in-cheek edge to this collection of songs.

This track is sure to have people bopping, as will the next track in the EP, called ‘Crime Pays’. This time, we hear a melancholic piano melody as the EP takes on a more reflective tone, with opening lyric ‘Everybody gotta die some day’ setting the mood. The music plays around tension up until around 47 seconds in, before the drums hit. Piano features once again in ‘Cocaine & Percocets’ where the theme of intoxication reoccurs: ‘I’m intoxicated’, and also in ‘The Ugly Truth’, which is a song about drowning your sorrows and getting hazy.

The final track of Dilla’s EP is ‘Handsome’, which is a mellow rap track with elements of trap in there, and a vocal style that is slightly slurred, once more fitting in with the theme of these naughty adventures Dilla has enjoyed. It’s the end of the party now, it’s getting late and everyone’s feeling spaced out. This EP plays out like a party from start to finish, with all the highs and lows in there. Yet there’s also real depth to ‘Dilla’s Adventures’ - under the surface of drugs and dollar bills, there is so much more: questions about life and death and everything in between.

This is a fun 6-track project that’s truly perfect for any party scene.

‘Dilla’s Adventures’ is available now on all major platforms. Stream it here:

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