• Jade Evans

Decent Music PR joins forces with NMC (Northern Music Collective)

Decent Music PR, based here in the North-East, UK, is delighted to have joined forces with NMC (Northern Music Collective).

In late 2018 a group of promoters, journalists and musicians began assisting one another in relation to the music scene of northern England around Newcastle upon Tyne and the surrounding region.

Realising that, through working together, they could better support live music collectively, the group launch a collaborative project to do this. The new year of 2019 sees the launch of Northern Music Collective as it strives to support musicians in and around Newcastle upon Tyne.

Northern Music Collective has a very simple aim: to champion live music. To do this, the project brings together those whose love of music is their driving force; the very source of their passion. It unites us all as we work together for the benefit of the northern music scene.

Deent have curated a Spotify playlist comprising of all North-East artists to celebrate which you can stream now right HERE!

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