• Jade Evans

Danza Celebrates Life In All Its Shades

Danza is a Kansas City-based hip hop artist who delivers lush melodies alongside feel-good lyrics. "I'm trying to move with my intuitions in style." Danza Said. "These words stayed with me or clicked on a personal level and I've been preparing for a long time to be able to share it like this."

Danza pairs his dazzling performance style and congenial song-writing with pop-laced soul that delivers celebratory hip hop anthems for life’s highs, lows and in-betweens. In 2017, his first LP ‘Danza Special’ was released with the help of engineers Casey Faircloth and Matt Jordan. This work received critical acclaim, and provides the perfect sonic stepping stones to new music he has been crafting for 2020. Now, Danza returns with latest album ‘Danza’s Garden’.

Opening track ‘We on it’ is full of attitude, with 90s-inspired vocal style, sawtooth bass, jazz piano, guitar melodies and reverb-drenched snare. ‘Things That I Do’ places all the emphasis on the vocal and lyrics, with very minimal instrumentation (pretty much just a snare and a piano stab), and there is a Bob Marley meets Snoop Dogg feel. In true hip hop style, this is an album full of collaboration, with artists Angelica Willey, Courtney Ann Hall and Elton Chueng. ‘Peace of Mind’ is one of the more melodic tracks, fusing Hip Hop with more indie-rock influences. ‘Oh My Lanta’ on the other hand, leans towards a reggae vibe. This album is wonderful for all its variation, and will keep the listener engaged throughout for this reason.

‘Magical Ride’ gives hope for tomorrow’s fun seekers. The track features artist Mackenzie Umscheid, in a beautiful duet. “Life is like a journey on a magical ride, I wanna ride” sings Danza. This album explores life in all its shades, from the highs to the lows and everything in between. All in all, Danza reassures us that there is always optimism within reach, even when times get tough. ‘Danza’s Garden’ is a celebration of life and a personal journey told with music - as Danza clarifies in final track ‘Pipe Dreams: “I am compelled to speak from the heart”.

Danza’s Garden is available now on Spotify and all major platforms. Stream it here: www.songwhip.com/danza/danzas-garden

Visit Danza’s website for more information: www.danzaspecial.com