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Danica Dares Get Us Dancing Alone With Upcoming Anthem ‘Paranoia Party’

Danica Dares are the new hot experimental act rising the ranks this year. Having formed during this constant chaos of the recent year, this three piece outfit is bursting onto the scene with their unique brand of alt-indie synth wave sounds. Utilising the tantalising tones of Harriet McBain’s vocals, the pounding bass and proficient production of Jon Haines and with Richard Sanderson gracing the group with his guitar chops, Danica Dares are breaking the mould with utter musical genius. Their upcoming single ‘Paranoia Party’ is set to storm the scene on the 29th of January - and we couldn’t be more excited. This latest chapter in their musical story comes off the back of their debut single ‘Giving It Away,’ which is an impactful track rich with grooving guitar lines and a melody so catchy you’ll be humming it under your mask for days.

‘Paranoia Party’ is the immensely impressive single bursting onto our playlists on the 29th of January. This is the second release from their upcoming debut album ‘Curating The Lunatic’ - available on Bandcamp now. Effortlessly fusing 80s house and electro elements with the distinctive sound of new wave synth, Danica Dares once again prove that their unique sound most definitely has a space in the electronic landscape. Rich with contrasting, contrapuntal musical moments, the soundtrack perfectly reflects Harriet’s vocal narrative. Speaking on the lingering loneliness and relentless isolation we’ve all experienced recently, Harriet shares with us the truth of anxiety overruling your thoughts. The band says on the track, “Each new year calls for new beginnings, and this song shines a spotlight onto our unnecessary dependency on other people for our own happiness. Perhaps instead we need to look to ourselves for security. You can be your own party!” They couldn’t be more right. So whilst we search for the inner party in all of us to get us through this coming year, let Danica Dares provide the soundtrack with their fascinatingly fresh musical fusion ‘Paranoia Party’.

Ahead of any “official” network-wide release, the entire album ‘Curating The Lunatic’ from Danica Dares is currently available to buy on Bandcamp for £5

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