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Cross Channel Music Releases Sleek Album 'Man In A Dream'

Following a steady stream of solid singles over the course of this year, Cross Channel Music has now released his full album 'Man In A Dream'...

Full of unique indie melodies and experimental production, this is an album to savour from start to finish. But who exactly is the mysterious Cross Channel Music?

After an early and unlikely viral hit in 2006 with a song about the professional swimmer Laure Manaudou – which benefited from the timely release of leaked photos – Lassegues was the frontman and songwriter of the Parisian band Bradford Musical, before moving to London in 2012. The album ‘Man in a Dream’ is the second release from Cross-Channel Music. It is an eclectic nine track journey through the indie music of the noughties. There are also collaborations with video artist Fluid.Lab and illustrator Yannick Rigour.

Stream 'Man in a Dream':

Follow Cross-Channel Music for more info: Website | Instagram | Spotify | Bandcamp

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