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Cross-Channel Music Delights With Indie-folk Track 'Bygone Days'

Cross-Channel Music is the indie pop-folk project of French London-based singer songwriter Pierre Lassegues. We gear up for his album release this September with the release of new single 'Bygone Days', a flavour of what's to come...

‘Bygone Days’ is a Sly and the Family Sone inspired track that combines a light-hearted groove with lyrics about the difficulty to love. This is a track with a bittersweet feel; an unusual minor-infused chord progression adds a melancholic feel, as do the lyrics. Yet the groove adds an uptempo, upbeat feel.

After an early and unlikely viral hit in 2006 with a song about the professional swimmer Laure Manaudou – which benefited from the timely release of leaked photos – Lassegues was the frontman and songwriter of the Parisian band Bradford Musical, before moving to London in 2012. There, he played bass in The Hertz Complex and Everything by Electricity, before deciding to go back to his love of songwriting.

The upcoming album 'Man in a Dream' follows on from debut EP 'Average Rock Star'. It was written in Paris between 2000 and 2012 and was mixed and mastered by Robin Downe and Loys Couet in February and March 2021.

Follow Cross-Channel Music for more info: Website | Instagram | Spotify | Bandcamp

Listen to the debut EP 'Average Rockstar' below:

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