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Country Goldd Releases Single ‘Pass Me Another Drink’

The latest hip-hop/rap single, ‘Pass Me Another Drink’ by Country Goldd is out now! Energetic, cheeky and feel-good, this is a song about living it up and keeping the party going. As lockdown is lifting, you’ll want to play this loud. Country Goldd is new to the scene but he is here to stay, as his music has universal appeal, insatiable melodies and bold lyrics.

Produced by Spyder Raw, the track features classic 808 hip-hop percussion and trippy synth layers to create a rap tune that makes you want to get up and twerk.

‘Pass Me Another Drink’ is available now on SoundCloud and all other major platforms. Follow Country Goldd on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok for future releases.

Link to the single on Soundcloud HERE

Follow Country Goldd: Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook

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