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Corbin Canvas Releases Funk Masterpiece 'Jive Jive'

Corbin Canvas may not be a name many of us are familiar with over here in the UK, but without doubt, the one-machine music machine will soon be infiltrating our airwaves and colouring our daily soundtracks. Based overseas in the thriving musical hub of New York, the multi-instrumentalist’s fresh album ‘Jive Jive’ is swimming in soulful futuristic textures and rife with a dynamic lyricism that only a pioneer of the underground avant-garde can provide. Corbin Canvas genre-fusing style results in an album oozing with funky retro-futuristic undercurrents, all with Corbin’s smoothly charismatic vocals melting over the top.

The albums premiere track ‘Jive Turkey’ is a colourful canvas of expertly manipulated samples convening on a beat you can’t help but vibe to. With a Kaytranada essence (though, I would argue this is better) running through the soulful house atmosphere, Canvas expands on a canon of house musicians whilst utilising his flare for modern musical technology, elevating each song to its own all-encompassing soundscape. ‘Milk & Honey’ flexes Corbin Canvas’ effortlessly velvety vocals, riding a heavy synth soundscape. Canvas showcases the silky-smooth vocal line that inaugurates him as a vital force in the up and coming music scene. ‘Jive Jive’ is a seven-track journey through Corbin Canvas’ refreshing musical innovation and unique vocal presence. With his latest release ‘Tools’ showcasing a darker side to Canvas’s versatile repertoire,

Corbin Canvas is proving to be an unstoppable force as he sets out to enlighten the mainstream with a retro-futurism deep-rooted within ‘Jive Jive,’ - and if you aren’t jiving hard when Corbin Canvas comes on, you need to get your ears checked.

Check out 'Jive Jive' on Spotify HERE 

Check out Corbin Canvas' New Release 'Tools' HERE 

Find Corbin Canvas on Instagram HERE

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