• Wilf Hadow

Celebrate Life With Conrad Ashton's Latest Single

Conrad Ashton is back and it is fair to say he’s hit a home run with his latest release, ‘Celebrate Life’. The track comes after his debut single, ‘Time’, and the release of his EP, ‘No Post On Sundays’, which came out only last month. Having been a passionate musician from the age of 12, it seems things are really starting to take off for the singer-songwriter, and it is great to see.

The track itself suggests a number of different influences, like The Beatles and The Who, however, Conrad has masterfully blended these influences with his modern rock style and the end product interestingly resembles a kind of Britpop sound. ‘Celebrate Life’ was written pre-pandemic but it couldn’t be released at a better time – it can be all too easy to dwell on the all the struggles of the current situation, but through Conrad’s infectious energy and sincere lyricism we are reminded of the joys in life we often take for granted and reassured that things will be okay in the end. The production of his vocals gives it that further raw rock and roll feel of which we know and love Conrad for. This tune is sure to get your feet moving and its highly catchy chorus makes it impossible to shake. Conrad’s natural charm and charisma shines through in his music and he is certainly succeeding in his mission to inspire and entertain. I think we can expect big things from this legend in the future.

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