• Jade Evans

Chuckola Releases Lockdown Anthem 'How Do I Begin'

The unwavering confusion of the recent pandemic has left many of us stuck in our tracks, yet for Chuckola, it’s manifested itself into beautiful music. Chuckola is the incredibly talented singer, producer, composer and songwriter providing our playlists with poignant political bops this summer. Never shying from important topics, Chuckola’s honest lyricism plants him as one the most relevant musicians this year. With the success of his last release “When Will Things Start To Get Better” - a track with moving, meaningful lyrics on the recent Black Lives Matter protests over an infectious dance beat - Chuckola builds on his momentum as he continues to offer up innately catchy tracks with innately important lyrics. With the release of the expertly crafted music video for his haunting track “How Do I Begin,” Chuckola continues to show why he is one to watch this year.

Chuckola offers up a tender anthem for the disorientating moments we have all encountered during the current pandemic. Resonating on a universal scale, Chuckola’s lyricism speaks of the confusion and loss that has run rampant during lockdown. Having had to process the loss of a close family member, Chuckola channelled these emotions into the art form he knows best - music. Manifesting in a beautifully tender, heartfelt ballad, ‘How Do I Begin’ is a powerful reminder that there’s always hope. On this track, Chuckola showcases his breathtaking emotional and vocal range. Rooted in a simple guitar motif, the accompaniment leaves just enough room for Chuckola’s powerful falsetto to sail over. Employing the support of an effortlessly graceful string line, the luscious backing lays a strong foundation for Chuckola’s strong refrains. This recent track is an exploration into the softer side of Chuckola, as he sways from the dance-vibes that he does so well. Delving into his melancholy side, Chuckola doesn’t lose the essentials of his artistry, as the catchy melodies and hummable hooks essential to Chuckola’s music are still deep roots within this song. Just as we’ve grown to expect from Chuckola, you’ll be humming this one way after your first listen. As the song progresses, haunting backing vocals add even more layers to this masterfully crafted ballad. The music video is rich with natural imagery, as we’ve all come to appreciate the open space more this lockdown. We see multiple people paralysed by confusion or frustration, cementing Chuckola’s message that we are in this together. As these eerie images further the central theme within the song, Chuckola serenades us with the weighty question we’ve all been pondering over the last few months; “how do I begin to put my life back together again?” As poignant as this topic may be, Chuckola just provided a perfect anthem for us to sing about it.

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