• Jade Evans

Cholly Releases Entrancing Single '3 Day Weekend'

Talented UK solo artist Cholly has just released her entrancing new single '3 Day Weekend'. Prepare to be swept away on an ocean of synths and quirky elements of electronica. Cholly's voice reminds us of Billie Eilish, whilst the production calls to mind Grimes. Yet Cholly does something totally her own at the same time.

Chloe is a producer and singer/songwriter that goes by ‘Cholly’, a nickname that stuck. She likes to experiment with different organic sounds and seeing how far they go to make her music. Her music is described as cinematic electronic pop, and she streams ‘audio brainstorms’ to Twitch most Thursdays under the username Chollymusic. These streams often help her to generate ideas for new music and sound textures.

What's interesting to hear is that ‘3 Day Weekend’ started with a Twitch stream. This song is about emotional burn-out and fantasising about the simple comforts responsibility sometimes gets in the way of. It will be released on the 7th of October, and is a single for her new EP, ‘Friday Night’, which drops on 12th November.

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