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China Bamboo Release Stunning Single ‘Ambivalence (For You)’

China Bamboo are back with another ambient hit ready to get us in our feels this winter. The four-piece group, hailing from Brighton, are making waves in the DIY music scene with their unique take on an indie soundtrack. Boasting their brilliant brand of ‘bubblegum goth,’ China Bamboo are showcasing the innate innovation of young creatives in their prime. Their recent release comes off the back of their sensational single ‘We’ve Disconnected’. This debut from the fearless foursome exploded them onto the scene with an incredibly vibrant, electrifying energy.

‘Ambivalence (For You)’ is another atmospheric anthem from China Bamboo. Staying true to their unique indie sound, the group expand on the beautiful blend of bubblegum goth. Front-woman Ruby’s sensational singing sails over the expertly sculpted soundscape of rich guitar riffs and dynamic drum breaks that keep the track moving. Believe it or not, this track almost didn’t happen. Having birthed the idea of ‘Ambivalence (For You)’ years ago, lead singer Ruby’s concept was given a new lease of life when bandmate Danny discovered this hidden gem this year; Ruby describes that “Danny’s passion and vision for the song was a turning point.” Well, thank goodness guitarist Danny did. ‘Ambivalence (For You)’ is the wonderfully wintery track perfect for those rainy days in. So, let China Bamboo whisk you away into their world of musical magic as they build on their immense momentum this month.

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