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Celiane The Voice to welcome 2022 with a brand new single "Papa's Song (What Is This Feeling?)”

As we’re getting ready to welcome a new, and hopefully more positive year for the world in general, artists like Celiane The Voice are getting ready to give their fans something truly special. Recently, she has been working quite hard in the studio to make new, exciting music, and it is only natural to see so much hype surrounding her amazing music! Celiane The Voice’s most recent studio release is titled "Papa's Song (What Is This Feeling?)”, and it feels like a true powerhouse of dance rhythm and soulful melodies that give the audience a glimpse of the singer’s fantastic and powerful voice. "Papa's Song (What Is This Feeling?)” is a fun song to listen to, but it is also a very personal track, which feels genuine and easy to relate to for the audience.

Celiane The Voice is scheduled to be releasing "Papa's Song (What Is This Feeling?)” very soon. Do not miss out on this magical song, which is going to be available from early January, 2022. This is only the beginning of the next chapter for the artist, who has a lot in store for her fans.

For now, follow Celiane The Voice on socials: Instagram | Facebook | Youtube

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