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Catch Up With Rising Star Ione

We caught up with fantastic singer-songwriter Ione to discuss her new single ‘Loved by You’.

Ione’s vocal talents have earned the opportunity of performing with the likes of GORILLAZ, Errol Brown (Hot Chocolate) and Paul Heaton; not to mention recording work with both Blossoms and Foals and West End performances in shows such as Thriller live! We got to know the talented song-writer behind these impressive credits as Ione takes centre stage with a brilliant new single and upcoming EP.

First off, tell us about your new single ‘Loved by You’. What was your inspiration?

My new single Loved By You is the lead single from my E.P. I actually bought this beat off the

internet because I was just itching to get new music completed and finding it quite expensive and difficult to find the right producer. My inspiration melodically was classic pop. I love big, anthemic and simple music. I'm talking about wanting to make sure someone is ready before you give your heart to them.

You’ve worked as a vocalist with some pretty well-known groups and even performed in the West End. How have these experiences influenced your own songwriting and performing?

Working with really established artists has shown me where I want to get to and given me insight into so many things like the importance of your team. Performing 8 shows a week showed me ways to get through a performance vocally under any circumstance or life event. The show always goes on. It's great prep for being a recording artist.

Describe to us your dream live show!

My dream live show would be with 4 backing singers, a massive live band with brass, strings and percussion and it would involve a lot of costume changes, dancers and lights. I would love intimate shows too, where it's just me and the band. But a dream of mine would be some sort of residency in Vegas - I'm definitely a showgirl.

How has the pandemic affected you and your music?

The pandemic has actually given me time to focus on my music as pre-lockdown I was touring with "Beautiful"- The Carole King Musical and simply wouldn't have been able to put as much into my music as I have now. So amongst all the madness, I'm grateful for the time. However in terms of my working session etc. it has completely stopped everything in that respect. The musical I was touring with was cancelled and I've only had one gig since March.

‘Loved by You’ has some great 90s RnB throwback vibes. Any particular influences/

favourites there?

Yes, I grew up on 90's R&B so the influence does find it's way into way my music. The harmonies remind me of all the R&B boy bands from the '90s like boys2men and something about the chorus is a bit Janet Jackson and overall I feel a little bit of Tamia. I remember exclusively playing Destiny's Child's The Writings On The Wall album and TLC's Fanmail album for a long time - the 90's is one of my favourite times in music.

You’ve been involved with music since you were three years old! Any advice you can give to somebody wanting to follow in your footsteps?

I would tell anyone wanting to follow in my footsteps to firstly learn their craft as these days fame seems to come before anything. Knowing what you do well will ensure that you will always be able to survive the natural ups and downs of your career and secondly be consistent, which is advice I'm giving to myself too. Lastly, always believe your mindset and attitude plays a huge part of your success.

How do you typically go about writing a song? Where do you start?

It varies, sometimes I'll meet with another songwriter and we'll co-write, then get a piano or

guitar demo done then I go to a producer. Sometimes I'll go to a session with no ideas and see what happens. Sometimes I bring loads. Other times I'll write to instrumentals I'm sent or I'll just be going about my day and hear a line or melody and record it on my phone. I try not to stick to formulas or set ways because each way of writing naturally yields a slightly different song, which is exciting.

What's next for you? Can you tell us any details about your upcoming EP?

Next, I want to shoot a visual for Loved By You and then release my E.P "The Tide is Changing". It's a 3 track E.P and I feel like it's the first time I'm really getting to find my sound. It 80's/90's R&B influences. It's soulful but very electronic and synthesised. I actually finished it a while ago and I'm very proud of it and can't wait to release it.

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