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Catch Up With Rising Pop Start Andrea

21-year-old Andrea is releasing her first single ‘Fighting For’ this September. Riding high off a collaboration with Matt Marcii, Andrea brings her first solo project to the scene. Focusing on a failed relationship as well as the struggles with making and seeing through plans, 'Fighting For' addresses the pressures in the life of a young adult. Concerns with the future are increasingly topical. We caught up with Andrea to find out more.

So, tell us about your debut single 'Fighting For'.

So I wrote this song in early 2020. I initially just got an idea of a first verse playing around in my head and decided to see if I could turn it into something. 20 minutes on logic later the whole song was written. The lyrics came from a very real place, which might be why it took so little time to write. ‘Fighting For’ mentions a failed relationship as well as the struggles with making and seeing through plans. Initially, the stress one can feel when everyone around you seems to know what they’re doing. I can often feel anxious when I think about the future, but like the song itself says, I hope in time that I’ll have a better idea of where I’m heading and what I’m ‘fighting for’.

Growing up in Norway, has the Scandanavian pop scene influenced your music?

Absolutely. I listen to more Norwegian artists than international ones when I think about it. I think the general production level on Scandinavian pop is really good, as well as some really decent toplines. Highasakite is one example I could mention. I’ve listened to them for many years and they’re still my go-to at times.

Oh amazing, we'll have to give them a listen! Describe to us your dream gig.

There’s a festival during summer in Tønsberg, a city near my hometown in Norway. It was my first ever festival experience growing up, so playing there myself one day would be unreal!

So, you moved from Osla to London to study music. How have you found the change? Any culture shocks?

I grew up in a small town right outside of Oslo, called Holmestrand. Naturally, London has been very different in many ways. Life is very busy here, and there’s a lot more people of course. I wouldn’t use the word shock though. I can definitely spot differences when it comes to how people interact with one another here. There are many different cultures in this city, which is very exciting! I guess the one thing I really appreciate when I’m back home in Norway, is the quiet and peaceful nature there. It’s a really nice place to catch your breath after a hectic period in London.

Has your time in London influenced your sound and songwriting?

The people I’ve met in London have definitely influenced me. I’m lucky to be studying music alongside many other talented musicians. I’ve worked with mates of mine who are incredible producers and I get so many new ideas just by listening to what they come up with. ‘Fighting For’ wouldn’t be what it is without them!

The future and idea of planning is a big theme in your new single. Have you got anything exciting planned for the future?

I’m excited to be releasing more singles this year. As for 2021, an EP is in the works!

What advice would you give advice to a new artist?

The best advice I would give (and that constantly try to remind myself of too) is to follow your gut. If something feels wrong or inauthentic, drop it. It’s also important to remember that all the big artists that you look up to are not in their first chapter of their career, unlike you. So try not to compare your first steps with someone’s hundredth step. Everyone starts somewhere, we learn along the way and that’s completely fine!

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Andrea's debut single 'FIGHTING FOR' is OUT 18TH SEPTEMBER

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