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Capo Corleone Drops A Hip-hop Gem - ‘Hawallywood’ EP

Capo Corleone is an international recording artist, radio personality, TV personality and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, CA. Capo has dropped his stunning new EP entitled ‘Hawallywood’, which is a collaboration with B. Gullie. This latest project follows the pair’s successful singles, ‘Paid’ and ‘Don’t Play,’ which have both gained recognition from the duo’s international fan base.

The EP opens with an ‘Intro’ which is an abrasive, guitar and piano centric hiphop track that will get you pumped up for the songs to follow. Personal highlights include ‘She Gon’ Slide’ which is a smooth song featuring gentle marimba-style melodies and a funky bass-line that will have you swaying to the rhythm.

‘Changes’ has a melancholic vibe to it, with a killer chorus. ‘Lighthouse' picks the pace up again, but carries through the pensive, nostalgic feel. ‘Paid’ is a more tongue-in-cheek song about simply having a good time on a Friday night after pay-day, as with ‘3AM’ which is a celebration of nightlife. ‘Howl’ has an anger to it which rounds off the album on a powerful tone, whilst the ‘Outro’ track samples film dialogue, adding another artistic dimension to the EP and providing a point of contrast to the music and vocals we hear throughout.

Inspiration for the name of the EP, ‘Hawallywood', came partly from their time being apart of the ‘Hawals,’ an international group made up of musicians and entrepreneurs based out of San Francisco. After he moved the group’s headquarters to Hollywood to continue in pursuit of his musical career, Capo Corleone started his own recording studio and label, Tree4ort Studios. Capo Corleone and B. Gullie pay tribute to a part of their past and a part of their new home with ‘Hawallywood’.

Capo is CEO & A&R of both Tree4ort Records & C2 Management and is also co-host of The Fixxx on Dash Radio in Hollywood, CA.

Listen to Capo Corleone’s new EP ‘Hawallywood’ HERE

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