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Break Fate's Debut Album Is Out Now!

London trio Break Fate have unveiled their first album - and it's as fierce as the title suggests.

Mashana, Ricky and Oliver have invented a whole world of their own through their music and message. This album is like a painting, made up of different textures, colours and shapes that all fit together beautifully.

In the band's own words:

Ferocity is about facing the oceans of life. Oceans that each and everyone one of us are sailing. Oceans with waves that can knock you to rock bottom. We wrote the album for everyone out there either facing the waves or trying to swim up to the surface. It’s an album that aims to remind people to keep going no matter what. They will make it through the storm.

Break Fate’s debut album ‘Ferocity’ is out now - listen to it HERE.

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