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Folk Songwriter Larry Mindel's New Single 'Okarito Ways' Out Now

'Okarito Ways' is the new release from singer-songwriter Larry Mindel, following on from his well-received debut album of December 2020, Love in Troubled Times, and his single of June 2021, Whisper The World Away.

Larry comments:

It’s been so much fun making this track. I was there in 2019, and when I wrote the song this year I got in touch with conservationists Paula and Swade in Ōkārito to check out a few detail. From there we started texting and zooming nearly every day, and then one day somebody said ‘What about the video?’. And from there we spent weeks with them going out on the water (in strictest NZ lockdown!), with me singing in a club here too. So it’s been a real collaboration.
And it’s becoming really rewarding… it’s been featured by an Australian and New Zealand Arts organisation, it’s running in the local wildlife centre, it’s being used in a global conference about wetlands, we’ve been on NZ radio, the local business development board have used it to showcase the west coast of New Zealand, it's being used - of course! - by tourist organisations. It was never intended to be some sort of advert for wetlands and New Zealand, but I’m so happy that it has!

Make sure to watch the striking video for 'Okarito Ways' by Larry Mindel:

For all things Larry Mindel, head here:

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