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An Artist Finds His Sound: Sam Thomas’ New Single ‘No More’

I believe that an artist that takes time to find themselves and tries a lot of different things usually ends up being an artist worth keeping track of. Sam Thomas is one such artist. He has dipped his feet in many different genres and has been prevalent on the music scene for years now, but I think that he has found the genre that loves him back with hip/hop.

The new single is titled ‘No More’ and I think it is his best effort yet. The track starts of with some pretty chill instrumentals and a steady beat (kind of like a heartbeat). He raps steadily about his various setbacks as the track stealthily picks up momentum. I almost didn’t notice it the first time I heard it. That is how subtle it is. Before you know it, the uncertainty and second-guessing of the verse is replaced by a majestic chorus that simply says: ‘No More.’

It is a very clever track with a very strong message. When one lets the past fall away, the future opens up. Sam Thomas delivers this message in a way that feels very natural. He has found his sound and we as listeners get to reap the benefits.

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