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A Cathartic Album For Everyone: Alan Dreezer's 'H E A L E D'

H E A L E D is the breathtaking album from UK artist Alan Dreezer. Originally from Chelmsford Essex, Dreezer is a singer-songwriter currently living in Mijas Spain. 'H E A L E D' is sure to impress listeners of all ages, as it has something for everyone. Be swept away from the very opening with 'Transition', and enjoy musical meanderings through heartache, loss, hope and love...

Alan had always collaborated with other musicians or as part of a band away from his passion for Electro-Pop through his musical journey. These have included touring with Tara 2 a pop duo, once supporting 80's favourites "Brother Beyond”on tour, or playing sold-out shows at High Barn Great Bardfield which was widely regarded as one of the best small venues in the UK with Rock-Pop band AD Project. In 2017 Alan decided to finally to start writing for a solo project and released his first solo album "LONDON E12" in 2018. He played live in a number of venues in the Essex & London areas in 2019 to support the release.

Make sure not to miss 'What You Didn't Say' which is a truly magical track, complete with entrancing electronic and acoustic elements of production, rich backing vocals and a powerful lead from Dreezer. Be swept away by the powerful crescendo of strings towards the end, before the track erupts back into its catchy chorus. Think George Michael and Sting meets something much more modern. Alan Dreezer is making music truly unlike any other artist right now, and you really do not want to miss this...

Stream the full album here:

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